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Γεία σας,ειμαι μαθητης τριτης λυκειου κ απο οτι βλεπω το festival θα γινει 2-4 του Ιουνη που ειναι μεσα στις πανελληνιες.Εαν αυτο ισχυει.Δεν θα μπορω ουτε εγω να ερθω.ουτε οι υπολοιποι μαθητες.οποτε θα ηθελα να παρακαλεσω τους υπευθυνους να αλλαξετε της ημερομηνιες.Ετσι ωστε να ρθουνε ολοι!Περυσι ηταν φανταστικα δεν θα θελαμε να το χασουμε!

Nikos Tout

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Hotel Zafiria

+30 28920 45112
+30 28920 45725

In the picturesque little town of Matala, just a few meters from the sea and just a few kilometers from the ancient ruins of Festos we have the beautiful Hotel "Zafiria".

In the seventy bright luxury rooms, each with its own balcony and telephone, you can feel as comfortable as being at home.

Hotel "Zafiria" provides you with a beautiful living room area, bar and a beautiful terrace for your breakfast.

With its luxurious and carefully designed features "Zafiria" welcomes you to spend your summer months in Matala.


Hotel Zafiria