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I lived in the cave winter 76, and there was one greek guy name tony lived in the caves. Best winter I ever spend. I lived in the cave that had a bamboo door, two rooms in the cave. Me, a girl from San Francisco, and a german girl. Neighbours were from Alberta and BC. Anyone remember the big cave that was like a church, and mama cooking, and her cheap wine. thanks for the memory


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Achilles Crete Tours

A greek man would like to adorn you the stay on the „Island of the Gods“ with different kinds of guided tours and trips.

He is going to show you hidden and secret places. He will make each tour to an unforgettable adventure. Because you deserve a break from your hardworking, fast going and stressful life.

Join the adventure tour, to get every day something different or let's have fun on motorbikes, jeeps or the boat. We will be always in beautiful nature under the sun of Southern Crete which shines 360 days a year.


Achilles Crete Tours