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Hallo, wir fliegen in zwei Wochen nach Kreta, und werden wieder in Matala unseren Urlaub verbringen. Wir verbringen nun schon zum dritten mal unseren Urlaub in Matala und sind immer wieder beeindruckt von der schönen Landschaft und den einsamen Buchten die man zum Baden einladen. Viele Grüße Beate und Werner

Beate und Werner

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Happenings in Matala


Matala Beach Volley

Since 2005 the Community and the Friends of Matala, with the support of the Mayor of Tympaki, have organized a highly popular and successful beach volley tournament. The teams taking part are local boys and girls, as well as visitors and guests of Matala. The tournament takes place at the beach of Matala and there are prizes for the first 3 teams.


At the end of the tournament there is a big party with live music at the parking place on the beach. The entrance is free.


For further information, please visit:



Theofania celebration in Matala

In Matala as well on this special holiday, the waters are blessed with the throwing of a cross . This is done to celebrate the christening of Christ when, for the first time in religious history, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit appeared simultaneously.
Τhe word Theofania which literally means the appearance of God. The cross is thrown three times into the clears waters of Matala beach and as tradition goes, any willing participant, jumps into the waters to find the cross.