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Earth, special message from Alpha Centauri! 混蛋 你他媽的所有混蛋 你是他媽的愚蠢 tất cả các mẹ ngu ngốc あなたのすべての愚かな馬鹿 你他媽的所有混蛋 你是他媽的愚蠢 สอบถามรายละเอียดการเรียนต่อโทด้านโภชนาการค่ะ لدي أنبوب منزلك المكسورة יש לי צינור שבור הבית שלך Ich hoffe, Sie verstehen mich , sonst wird die Erde zerstört werden


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Taxi Birthe - Nikos

My name is Nikos Androulidakis and I am a taxi driver since 1982 in the area of Matala in Crete Greece.


With my German wife Birthe Andoulidakis, we can serve you 24 hours per day.


You can contact me by phone at +30 6974818272 or you can send me SMS with the arrival date and the number of your flight and I will answer you immediately.


Also you can send me e-mail at with information about your arrival in our island, your destination etc.


Don't forget that you can assist your hotel here in Crete to arrange you taxi Nikos to drive you to there!


After your booking, we will be at the arrival point to pick you up and drive you. You will recognize taxi Nikos by a sign which will be writing your name on it! So easy!


We serve our customers from 1982 without problems, without delays and in special prices!


Taxi Birthe - Nikos