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About your Malata Beach Festival. There are a lot of "tribute" bands. Mostly people that play music for fun. But also high quality. Why not invite some of these bands to play the "hippie-time" music? I'm sure a lot of them would like to play at your beach just for fun, a place to sleep and some drinks.


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Nostos Matala

+30 28920 45490
+30 28920 45490

Fully renovated luxury Nostos Apartments are situated on a quiet hillside, just a 3 minutes drive from the beautiful beach with the famous Matala caves.

Within an area of 1500 square meters, we have created an ideal destination for the most memorable vacations, providing you with the long-desired tranquility and privacy that are essential for a relaxing and enjoyable stay!

We are distinguished for our friendly atmosphere, characteristic for the Greek hospitality!

Nostos will give you an experience of an unforgettable stay in Matala, one of the most famous places in Crete!


Nostos Matala