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Hallo zusammen , ich bin vom 19.08-26.08 in Matala ...Was sollte ich mir den unbedingt ansehen hat jemand tips `? Vielleicht ist auch jemand dort der mir einiges Zeigen könnte ..wäre klasse da es das erste mal für mich ist auf Kreta ;) Lieben Gruss aus dem Ruhrgebiet ;)

sara jane

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Greek, german, english and french spoken!
A little bit far away from the touristic bustle in the center of Matala, about 200 meters behind the Matala-Bay-Hotel, is this little cafeteria an oasis of peace.

In the shadow of vine-shots and flowers of bougainville, between basilicum with crochet curtains at the windows you feel the typical greek atmosphere where you can enjoy yourself.

Giannis Androulidakis, his wife Sonja and their son Kosta create here a greek – german fresh-cheerful atmosphere which is very refreshing and attracts all the people who like to laugh.
From 8.00 – 13.00 you can have a really rich breakfast because the selection is endless.

Apart from the twelve different breakfasts you can choose between many omelets, fried and scrambled eggs, toasts, sandwiches, yogurts, müsli and much more.
Perhaps because the boss is a german woman…?

The breakfast is really heavenly, indeed and the coffee is the best in Greece!

After three hours break we re-open from 16.00 – 24.00.
What about a dish of icecream, an ice-coffee or a yoghurt with fruits?
Or you are hungry? Try the excellent soufflés of Sonja, her Saganakis, cretan-pan, minced-meat-pan or Pizza, Hamburger or cutlet viennese style with fried potatoes and much more.

Try it – it is worth while!